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Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's official......

Our new living room set arrives next Wednesday!!! They could have delivered it Monday, but Kevin and I will still be on our huge anniversary date and we didnt want to have to rush home. Anyway, I'm so very excited!!! I finally get to go and pick out curtains and set up pictures :D
Another thing we did today was pick out the rest of the living room ensemble: a new coffee table, 2 end tables, and a new entertainment center! We havent picked it up yet because they didnt have any more of the end tables, and they have to check if we can still order them (make sure theyre not discontinued, etc). The end tables and coffee table are a matching set :) If we can still order the end tables, we will pick up the coffee table and entertainment center, then wait the *gasp* 10-12 weeks for our end tables to come in. Here's what we are getting!

The coffee table, all closed up

The top swings up into a TV tray! There is plenty of storage underneath, and these 2 features had Kevin sold!

Matching end table

Entertainment center--I really love the 2 piers, and I plan on using the shelves for decorations and picture frames!

Add in the new furniture....

...and you've got an (almost) completed living room makeover! I'm really excited to put it all together and finally have a more sophisticated room--not to mention more places to sit hehe

Before and after we picked out furniture today, I went to zumba! I'm shocked I made it to both classes, seeing as I only got 3 and a half hours of sleep last night. I evn took a sleeping pill (although this one wasnt as strong as the one I took the other night--I didnt like that the stronger pill made me groggy for at least 24 hours). It didnt work, so I think its time to see my PCM again....
Anyway, I made it to zumba this evening and had (suprisingly) great energy! Tomorrow I am going to step class, then zumba tomorrow afternoon. I'm hoping to finally get to run by ACS to get my resume in order!
Oh, speaking of resume, Kevin has offered to do something really sweet for me: remember a couple of weeks ago, when I mentioned that I want a DSLR camera but Kevin said I had to wait to get it until I went back to work and got a few paychecks first (since it costs quite a bit)? Well, he offered to buy me the camera with the star card (like a credit card for military members) when I get hired!! That way I can get it right away, and we would just up the payments on the card (which we do anyway). EEEEEEK!!! I'm so excited :D I was torn between a Canon D3100 and a Nikon D90, but I have made my final decision on which one I will be getting. Drumroll, please...................................................................

The winner is:

The Nikon D90!!!! After HOURS of research and viewing sample pictures taken from both cameras (with their respective kit lenses), I determined that the Nikon just produces better quality pictures straight out of the camera with the kit lens. I couldnt wait to start work anyway, and this just sweetens the deal :D
Anyway, Ive rambled on enough for one evening, I think! Good night folks!!


  1. YAY for the camera! Awesome that you'll get it early :D

    We have very similar living room entertainment center- a stand with two piers, except ours are open on the back... I LOVE them! We have the dvd player and the cable box in the two sections under the tv and then I have little stuff and pictures on the piers ad it looks so put together. I hope you all can get the tables! The whole room looks like it will be so polished and put together!

    Also, if they don't have anymore tables, but you don't mind it- we took the floor model like on a dresser- and we got a percentage off... I think maybe 10 or 15%. So we took them.

  2. I love the coffee table! We are headed to Hawaii on Wednesday, Im excited!