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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busy Tuesday!

This morning Kevin had an appointment with his surgeon, so I didnt go to the gym. I'm glad I got to sleep in though, because yet again I wasn't able to fall asleep until 3am--then I woke up 2 times after that. I think I got a total of around 3-3 and a half hours :(
Anyway, after the appointment (which went really well, BTW! He is slowly healing, the doc says this type of surgery takes quite awhile to recover from), we went to the Marine Corps base to look at some furniture. Well, we looked around and decided to try the NEX just to see what they had, but didnt find anything over there. So we went BACK to the Marine base (not after making a pit stop back at Tripler--apparently the paperwork Kevin submitted for his convalescent leave over 2 weeks ago was not the right paperwork because it didnt specifically say "convalescent leave", it was a special profile form--ugh), and picked out our new living room set.....behold!!!

Its sage green, which we both love! Yay for more seating options in our house!!!
We arent getting the coffee table or the side tables/lamps. We are getting the sofa, loveseat, and the recliner chair!! We were kicking ourselves for not coming down there last week because they had all 3 together on sale for 500 bucks. Oh well, we are still getting a really great deal! I am super excited about this, you guys!
So after being out pretty much all day long, we are home and relaxing. I will be going to bed right after this post, I need some sleep!
Since I didnt go to the gym today, I will be *attempting* to go to kickboxing tomorrow morning (depending on whether or not my hip decides to behave). I will definitely be going to step tomorrow night though :)
Good night folks!

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