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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Regular old Tuesday

I slept in this morning until 930 ahhhhh!!! I went to zumba class at 1145 and danced my booty off, and it was HOT in there. Once I was done with the gym, the plan was to come home, download a few new songs on my ipod, and mow the yard. Well, it took FOREVER to download them and get them on the stinkin' ipod. Ugh. They finally downloaded properly, and I headed out to the backyard. The lawn got mowed and I got half of the fenceline trimmed before my back started getting really sore, so I came back inside and took a shower. We are going to relax for the evening and just hang out. Kevin was craving Maui Mikes, so he went down there and picked up dinner for us!
Tomorrow, our new living room furniture comes, yay!!!!! I'm so excited to have more seating options for the cats our guests!! I may go to kickboxing tomorrow morning, it just depends on how I feel. I will be going to step class tomorrow evening though!
Good night everyone!

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