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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 days post-op

Today was a pretty good day for Kevin! He got his epidural taken out, as well as his catheter! He was also able to use the restroom (finally), and he said it made him feel 100 times better. Overnight last night, his nurse came to get me from the waiting room to accompany Kevin to the radiology dept. Kevin had a fever last night, and the doc had him take some chest x-rays to see if he had an infection. Turns out, the doc said he had a little bit of pneumonia, and wanted to get him started on antibiotics. Thankfully, Kevin hasnt ran a fever since last night! They still have him on antibiotics, but he should be just fine. They want him to have whats called a PICC put in. Basically its like a fancier I.V. but it has a catheter that goes from his bicep up around his shoulder into his chest. The antibiotic they have him on right now is really rough on the veins, and this PICC thing is supposed to alleviate that. Well Kevin wasnt comfortable getting it (he doesnt want to get anymore "procedures" done on him--can you blame him??), so the people who do it left, and the doctor came in and I swear tried to sell him on this stupid PICC thing. So the PICC insertion came back. Long story short, Kevin told them he has to think about it some more because he is he is having anxiety about getting more stuff done to him. Yesterdays failed I.V. start attempts left him with bruised up arms and I for one am not happy about that. According to the folks that do this procedure, after this Kevin wont have to get any more I.V's and the antibiotics will not be as harsh on the veins because they insert the new thing into a bigger vein. Kevin still expressed his anxiety to the docs, and they told him that they would check on how he is doing (infection-wise) and then go from there. Kevin is still apprehensive about getting the PICC in. I just want to tell the doctors to go away and stop trying to push that damn thing on him!!! They act like the antibiotic they are giving him is the only thing they can do....what about antibiotics taken by mouth, hmmmm??  Gah, its so frustrating!
Anyway, as the afternoon wore on, Kevin got upgraded from an all liquid diet to a low fat diet, which means solid food!! He is only eating a few bites at a time before he gets stomach cramping, but I'm thinking that his stomach is just starting to re-stretch back out from not eating for 4 days. His insulin has been fairly good, its stayed under 200 for over 24 hours now!! His pancreas is doing really well so far :) The doctor is hoping that Kevin will be released from the hospital by this weekend! I cant wait to sleep in our own bed--together-- again! I like being at the hospital with Kevin, and right there for him if he needs me!
In some sad news, I wanted to let you all know that the IUI did not work. Kevin and I will not be trying again this month as we had originally hoped because he will still be very sore from his operation. We will start trying again someday, but it may be awhile. Yes it is very upsetting, but we have alot going on right now and Kevins safe recovery is #1 on my mind.
More tomorrow!


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  1. I'm sorry about the IUI :(

    I hope Kevin gets better quick! Poor guy, it sounds horrible!