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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 16 Post-Op

My MIL and Aunt In Law are here!!!! I made it to the airport just in time to walk the length of it, buy 2 fresh flower lei's, and get down to the arrival door. To top it off, it was a BEAUTIFUL day out! Once I picked up the ladies, we headed over to Hickam, so I could show them this:

It was such a nice morning out, and I wanted to show them the place I saw my first Hawaiian water! We took a few pictures, then got gas for S.S. Sebring and headed down to Tripler. Kevin lit up when he saw his mom! He is really excited to have her here and he went out not once, but twice, to get some fresh air! I'm happy he had so much energy today! Still no word on the new room, but Kevin likes the progressive care ward better anyway because the staff is better. After awhile, we decided to come back to the house because the ladies were super tired. I needed to get some stuff done in the house anyway. We have been hanging out and catching up, and now the ladies are snoozing away upstairs lol
Tomorrow we are going by and hanging with Kevin, then we are off to do some touristy things. For the next few days, I will probably have pictures to go along with my blog entries. For now though, I'm headed to bed! Good night yall!


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