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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy "hump" Day!

We didnt do much today. I was going to go to kickboxing this morning, but my hip was not cooperating, so I slept in instead! We lounged around for most of the morning, then decided to get smoothies and pick up Kevins prescriptions. Once home, I watered the lawn...again. I'm sorry I have to say this, but I REALLY hope it rains soon--my grass is dying!!! I also moved the bird feeder from the backyard to the front yard. I want to keep the birds away from our growing tomatoes and peppers!
My hip started feeling better, so I decided to go to step class this evening. Well, I didnt make it. Kevin wanted to go to Lowes and the bookstore (which we found out closed on Sunday!). I wanted to go to Lowes also to look at some grass seed,weed killers safe for the lawn, and some potential flowers. We also stopped at Starbucks to grab a coffee (for him) and a chocolate covered strawberry frappuccino (for me). We killed an hour and a half in Lowes--it would have been more but Kevin started getting a little tired. Now we are just relaxing in front of the TV :)
Oh, while we were getting smoothies today, we wandered into the PX and I showed Kevin the camera I really really want-- a Nikon D3100! He said he liked it and he may get it for me for Christmas unless I got a job and could get it sooner! Ive decided to apply for a job close to home that I was originally "saving" for when Kevin deployed. I'm excited to pay some bills off sooner and getting some extra cash for our trip home this December! I will keep you guys posted!

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