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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 18 Post-Op...and some pics from yesterday!

Nothing other than step class happened today. Oh! Except...... Kevin is now on a liquid diet (again). This time it seems to be sticking, as he was able to eat the whole bowl of broth and have some capri sun! Tomorrow they may put him on regular food :) Hopefully he will be out of the hospital by the weekend, but Im going to push for sooner because he was delayed 4 days because of doctor error.
As promised, Here are some pictures from our trip to the North Shore yesterday!

First we saw some sea turtles! This was the first time I was able to get pictures of them outside of the water!

Then we drove a little further and stopped at Pupukea Beach Park for a photo-op! Kevin's mom is on the left and his Aunt is on the right :)

It had some lava :)

No trip to the North Shore is complete without stopping by Matsumoto's for some delicious shave ice!

Kevins mom liked it but said it was a bit sweet, but his Aunt.......loves it!!! I knew she would, its ymmalicious!
We are planning on going to Pearl Harbor tomorrow, so yay more pictures!!

Goodnight everybody!!



  1. I am glad to hear Kevin is doing better. I hope he gets out sooner.

    Matsumotos is delicious! I am so glad I was able to try it last time I was there. Boyfriend could not stop laughing at me when I was telling him about it because I was calling it, Matsumatsus lol.