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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mastering the art of sleeping in chairs

I didnt sleep well last all. Kevins last room was much more comfortable, while this new room is small and theres really no space. I may go down to the waiting room tonight to sleep, but Kevin has all of the pillows...and my fleece blanket!
He is doing a little better today, they are taking the epidural out tomorrow which is a good thing! He got up this morning and sat up for awhile, but when he was sitting up, the nurse decided to go ahead and take out his I.V.'s and put a new one in. Well, putting the new one in turned out to be a 2 hour long process, and Kevin was hurting because he wasnt hooked up to his pain meds. I felt so bad for him!! Once that ordeal was over, the doctor came in and cleared him to start his liquid diet. Basically he can have clear liquids like jell-o, water, broth, capri sun, and juice. He was able to eat some jell-o, drink water, and drink some capri sun this afternoon, plus he had some broth as well! Tonight he was running a slight fever, but hopefully its nothing to be concerned with. I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring! Right after I got back from feeding the cats, it started raining so hard, and we saw this!

                                                                     Not my picture

These funnels were out over the ocean, and we had a pretty clear view from the 6th floor of Tripler to check them out. They sort of dissipated over the ocean, then we got some pretty heavy rain and thunder. Freaky weather, right??
Anyway, Im going to turn in for the evening. I will update you guys more tomorrow :)

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