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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 17 Post-Op

Last night I slept at home and didn't exactly get.the best sleep ever, but eh oh well. When everyone got up, we got ready and went to visit Kevin at the hospital. He keeps getting better and better every day, and seeing his mom gave him an extra special boost. Anyway, we didn't hang with Kevin too long, he wanted to rest and the ladies wanted to hit up the.north shore. I have a few pics from our day but I will post them tomorrow-- I came back to the hospital tonight to be with Kevin. We have always watched our Sunday night shows together for the last 2 years (especially new episodes) and we weren't about to break that streak tonight! Anyway, I didn't bring my laptop to upload the pictures (and there's no darn internet signal in this room anyway), so I will have them for you tomorrow, I promise!
Like any trip to the north shore, we stopped at Matsumoto's for some delicious shave ice. My MIL liked it, but thought it was a bit sweet. My Aunt in law? She is in LOVE with shave ice now! The line was wrapped around the building, and was worth the wait! They both got the Hawaiian combo (pineapple, coconut, and banana) while I strayed away from my usual of sugarfree strawberry, banana, and vanilla to get white cake (think birthday cake--yummm), strawberry cream, and banana cream. Final verdict-- guilty!.......of being scrumptuous hehe
While we snacked on our shave ice treats, we perused the cute little shops next door and chatted. This was followed by a quick trip to the grocery store, where the ladies got some steaks and potatoes to grill out! It was a fun day and even though I had to leave the mister for a bit, it was nice to have a bit of a girls day :) A lot of people cringe at the "dreaded in-laws coming", but not me. I really have the best inlaws ever and I'm blessed to call them family. I wish they could stay longer!
Tomorrow I'm getting up mega early, heading home, eating breakfast, and........going to step class!! It's going to feel so good getting back in the gym! Kevin is doing so well that I can leave the hospital for more than a few hours a day and.not worry about getting a scary phonecall, ya know? We will probably head back up to the hospital after I shower, then I don't know! I may take the ladies down to Pearl Harbor and then Waikiki! Don't worry I will bring the camera :)
Good night yall!
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  1. I was wondering how the new white cake flavor tasted. I'm happy to hear Kevin is making progress :) Hopefully I'll get to see you at Zumba this week :)