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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tropic Thunder Thursday

Warning: Our lives have been boring this week and nothing changed today.

This morning I got up and headed to Zumba class. Before I went, I had some breakfast and Facebooked for awhile (like I usually do). I dont know why, but one of my friends' status update about how she is basically tired of being pregnant really got under my skin. This young lady has been complaining daily about being pregnant since she got those 2 little blue lines. For her to basically say she is tired of being pregnant AT WEEK 11 really makes me upset. My opinion on that: Be lucky you can even get pregnant (and comparing your 6 months of not-officially-trying-but-not-doing-anything-to-prevent-pregnancy to mine and Kevins 2 years of actively trying with fertility treatments just isnt cool.) and STFU. For real. I hated to do it, but I blocked her from my newsfeed.
Anyway, I danced off my frustrations at Zumba class, and at the end of class I was suprised by Kevin, who wanted to take me out to lunch! What a sweetie! We only went to the food court, where he got chinese food and I got a smoothie, but nevertheless It was a good time :)
This afternoon we decided that we needed new bar stools for the island in our kitchen. We wanted the black ones, but we could only find brown, so we grabbed those and are planning to paint them! By the time we were done shopping, I really didnt feel like cooking, so we treated ourselves to Maui Mikes, a rotisserie chicken place near our house. Its super delicious :)
Tomorrow I will be heading to step class in the morning, then rushing home to shower and change before Kevin and I hit up the case lot sale at the commissary! I'm hoping they have some good deals :) I will also be going to zumba class tomorrow afternoon! Oh, and I really need to get baking--we have some of Kevins co-workers coming over on Saturday and they NEED some cookies...and maybe some homemade cupcakes..... hehe

Goodnight everybody!!!

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