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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

This morning Kevin had his first post op follow up appointment at Tripler. It went pretty well! The doctor said Kevin is healing wonderfully, but it is a slow healing process for this type of surgery. With that, he extended Kevins at-home healing time until July 5th. This means Kevin doesnt have to go back to work until July 6th! I'm happy he was approved for so much healing time :)
After the doc visit, we headed home so Kevin could nap, and I watered the backyard. It hasnt really rained here in over a week, and the grass is dying quickly! I dont mind the not raining part, but I still want our yard to look nice :( I also made it to the 1145 zumba class today as well! It was awesome, as usual, and I'm really happy that I am getting back into my routine!
This afternoon was spent cleaning the dreaded bathroom and being lazy. I did find some grass seed at that is compatible with our climate and dirt here!!! I am excited to pick up a couple of bags and make our yard pretty! I also found some weed killer that will not harm the lawn :)
Tomorrow I am seriously considering going to kickboxing class in the morning, then hopefully doing some gardening. Although I do have Kevin all to myself for awhile, so we may go to the beach (now that getting in the water has been officially cleared by the surgeon!). Kevin isnt strong enough to swim just yet, but he wants to get in the water for a little while. He has been wanting to go to the beach since like week 2 in the hospital lol
Anyway, off to get my beauty sleep! Hasta Manana :D


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