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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 13 Post-Op

Well nothing much has changed with Kevin, other than the fact we were moved to Progressive Care (a step up from ICU) so Kevin could keep his private room. They were going to put him back in the regular ward where we were before but give him roommates. He wanted his own room because A) it was the docs fault he had to go to ICU in the first place and that added 2 whole extra days in the hospital, and B) he can't eat solid food for a few more days at least and it would be unfair for him to smell the McDonald's,etc. that other patients visitors bring them all day. So they had us move to a private room in progressive care until a private room in the regular ward opens up. He is still the same as far as progress goes, but he is feeling stronger every day :)
Other than that, I got 2 brand new tires put on S.S.Sebring this afternoon! She drives so much better than on that pesky donut! Annnnd.....that's about it. Super uneventful lol
I may have something more interesting for you guys, so stick around :)
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