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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 9 Post-Op

Kevin is back on nothing to eat or drink....again. He got nauseous after only eating a small amount of jell-o and drinking a few sips of tea. He didnt throw up, but the doc said no food/drink today. We are confused as to why Kevin could eat jello on the first day he was able to and could digest it but cannot digest even tea now. I think it has something to do with all of the antibiotics they had him on a few days ago because they ate away at the good bacteria (the kind that helps you digest) as well as the bad bacteria. The doctor is kind of frustrating me because if Kevin cannot digest food properly, he is going to be in here even longer. Right now its Monday that he will be released at the earliest. He is having such a problem with this that they now have a nutritional supplement going in through his I.V. Because all of the antibiotics are gone except the one, he should be back on track in the next day or so. As far as everything else goes with his recovery, he is doing great! His incision is closing up nicely and he doesnt really have suture related pain all that much. Most of his pain is from gas or the digestive tract (stomach, etc). He is also walking alot, even if its just down the hallway! He is spending more time up and in his chair, and he has been less groggy :)
A couple of exciting things are coming up in the next week! Tomorrow, I will be home most of the day waiting for our new mattress to arrive! Its pretty bad that the cats will get to sleep on it before we do! Also, one week from today, Kevins mom and aunt will be here! I really hope that Kevin is out of the hospital and has some energy to go with us as I show them around the island! We dont plan on doing anything too crazy, we have got to keep it low key because Kevin will not be 100% yet. Another great thing about Kevins mom coming-- I will get to go back to the gym without feeling guilty that I'm leaving Kevin all by himself. Plus, he needs some mom time! I plan on tidying up the house tomorrow and getting the upstairs all ready for Kevin to come home (getting the xbox set up, TV tray up there, etc) while I'm waiting on the Sears delivery people.

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  1. I am sorry Kevin is back to not being able to eat. I am glad to hear he is doing better otherwise though.