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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 8 Post-Op


Last night, Kevin got a little sick (probably due to all of the antibiotics they had him on), so the doctor put him on a strict no drink/no eat diet today. Why he did this I will never know. His body wasnt digesting something as simple as water because the cocktail of antibiotics took away both the bad bacteria and the good bacteria (which aids digestion). So poor Kevin has been thirsty all day long :( They did get him off of all of the antibiotics except for the one that targets the infection he has. Hopefully tomorrow he will be able to get back on his liquid diet at least! Also, because of the infection and the digestion issues, the doc wants to keep him here until at least Monday. Kevins incision is healing up really nicely, and his sugars are hit and miss. What I worry about is when he actually starts eating regular meals--right now on all of the liquids through the I.V, his sugars still get a tad bit high and he has to have little insulin injections. So when he starts eating real food, I'm hoping that his pancreas adjusts and regulates his sugars. For now though, I am going to plan on cooking sugar free from now on!
Oh, Kevin walked 4x the distance he walked yesterday! He was up and moving around much more today :) He is still in pain, but he is feeling much much better which makes me very happy!!
I am tired though, the machines kept beeping all night long last night for no reason, and the nurses were coming in every half hour to hour...all.night.long. Now that all of the extra stuff is gone off of his I.V. "tree", we should have a pretty restful evening.
Good night yall


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  1. I will say that it's easy to live without sugar. We have hardly no sugar in the house because of my hypoglycemia and it works fine! Just stay away from high fructose corn syrup especially.