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Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 14 and 15 Post-Op

I would have made my daily post last night, but blogger was down! I'm proud of the fact I have written every single day (except one-camping, no cell service) since we have arrived on island. So when blogger went down and stayed down yesterday, I was bummed out :(
Anyway, we are still in progressive care since a private room on the ward hasn't opened up yet. The doctor told us yesterday that while Kevin may be in here another week, he was going to try and approve something where Kevin can leave the hospital for a few hours one day and spend some touristy time with his mom and aunt. He seemed pretty excited about that! Kevin is getting better each day, but he is still not eating real food yet. The docs want to give the pancreas as much time to heal and rest as possible, so it will work better when food is introduced into the body. He still can't have sugar drinks or tea, but he can have water and ice chips! He still has the nutrition bag, so he is getting plenty of nutrients. Plus his sugars have gone down and stayed down :) I still feel bad for him though, poor guy has been giving me a list of all of the things he is craving-- fruits, cookies, brownies, anything chocolate, etc. As much as I would like to bring those things in for him, I can't :(
The docs are saying mid to late next week for release now. I understand what their reasoning is, but poor Kevin just wants to go home. He's already upset that he has to be in here the whole time his mom is here. If we are really lucky, he will get out in time to spend one day "on the outside" with his mom and aunt. Speaking of outside, the docs granted him permission to sit outside and get some fresh air today. He and I sat outside for about 20 mins, and thankfully it was a gorgeous day here on Oahu :)
I have finished up getting the house ready for the in-laws as well. Even managed to mow the yard today :) I'm super excited that they are coming but sad that Kevin is stuck in a lame-o hospital room! I plan on bringing the ladies up here as soon as I pick them up from the airport tomorrow morning.
I will have more for you guys tomorrow :)
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