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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 6 Post-Op

Last night at around 10pm, I asked Kevin if it was okay if I went home to sleep and spend some time with the cats. He told me that he would be fine and I should lay down and get uninterrupted sleep for a few hours anyway. So reluctantly, I left. I got home around 1040 and was passed out before 11.
I did get some decent sleep, but I missed Kevin, so I came back up here early. It actually took me almost an hour and 45 mins to get from our house to Tripler this morning. It was pouring down rain, the traffic on all three freeways was nothing short of a nightmare, and when I got to the exit for Tripler, traffic was backed up all the way from their gate down the mountain and halfway down the exit. I spent that time talking with my bff on the phone and catching up!
As for Kevin, he had an okay night, but this morning he got really sick to his stomach :( Poor guy threw up some of what he ate last night and this morning. The thing that sucks about it is that he hasnt really been eating that much to begin with, just a couple of bites here and there. The doctor has been concerned for the last couple of days that Kevin has an infection in the belly area, so he ordered a CT scan to get a better look. We waited from 8:30 this morning until almost 7pm to get called for the CT scan, and during that time, Kevin was not allowed to eat or drink anything, but he did have to drink this contrast stuff for the scan. Every time he took a sip, he got really bad stomach pains, so they told him he didnt have to finish it. He did end up getting the PICC line inserted today, and it wasnt really all that bad.
Right now we are waiting for the doctor to give us the results of the CT scan. Hopefully, everything looks good! If not, the doctor has a few options, including the antibiotics Kevin is already on. Other than that, he is doing pretty well! He was able to walk the hallway for a few minutes, and sat in his chair for a couple of hours! He has been moving around alot today, and I'm proud of him!
Oh, and this morning Kevin was moved to a private room! This is awesome because there is so much more space, and with a private room I can stay right in the room with him (with his last room I had to spend a couple of nights in the waiting room because he had roommates, and last night I went home). Plus there is a recliner chair in there so Im good! :)
Tomorrow I am going to try to get Kevin to walk in the hallway a few times to build up his strength! Good night yall :)

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