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Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy Friday

This morning I got up and headed to step class, thinking it would be just like any other Friday class. Boy was I wrong! You see, in a step aerobics class you typically use one step, like this--

Arent they having a great time??

Well today, when I got to step class, I discovered we were using.....

THREE. Yes, 3 benches. Per person. Yeah......

You know what? It was actually really easy to pick up (I have also done step using 2 benches, with the same instructor as today lol), and I got a really great workout despite my hip just not wanting to co-operate....again -__- (annoyed face). I actually tripped on my step more than once because my leg didnt want to lift when I told it to. I never trip anymore, so it was really disheartening. Damn hip.
I really enjoyed the class though, and I hope she does another multi-step class soon!!
Anyway, after step, I picked up Kevin at home and we made our way down to the commissary to grocery shop/check out the tent sale! The tent was so packed, I just skimmed over what they had, decided I didnt want anything from there, and went into the store instead. We hadnt been grocery shopping in awhile, so we spent a little more money than we wanted to--oops! We came home and both fell asleep on the couch lol... I only slept about 45 mins, but Kevin slept a couple of hours! Poor guy is still weak from his surgery, and todays shopping trip really wore him out!
Despite my hip this morning, I thought it was feeling better this afternoon, so I went to Zumba class. I even got there early so I could do some extra stretching, hoping my hip would loosen up some. The first part of class wasnt too bad, but my hip started getting stiff and sore again, so I had to take it down a few notches with my dancing :( The good news is that the gym is closed on Monday, so I will have a full 3 days of rest before I head back into my workouts. The pain is nothing I cant handle, its mostly just annoying and messes with my ability to have normal (well normal for me) movement and rotation. No dancing for me this weekend!
Kevin and I had some delicious California Pizza Kitchen store bought pizza for dinner (he cooked!) and I have spent the better part of the evening looking for a job (still.). I still need a job because well, I need to get back to work, but I have a little more motivation now to get a great job, because I saw these online and have now been obsessed with wanting to get one--

This is the Canon EOS Rebel T3i--it comes with an 18-55mm lens as well!

This is the Nikon D90--it also comes with a lens: an 18-105mm Nikkor zoom lens, to be exact! Rowrrrrr...

I'm having the hardest time deciding which one would be better! I really love the sample shots from both cameras, and for under a thousand bucks each, you cant really get better than a Canon or a Nikon. If any of you guys have either one of these sweet cameras, could you kindly share your experiences and advice?? I'm not looking to get into pro photography, but I really love taking beautiful pictures here on the island, and I can do alot more feature-wise with one of these bad boys than I can with my point and shoot Olympus. I still love our camera we have, and I will continue using it for underwater pictures, hiking, etc (its really tough and rugged). Anyway, these puppies are around $800-900 bucks apiece, so I see full time working with overtime in my future lol. Plus, we really need to start saving for our trip back home in December anyway (and with any luck, I will have one of these awesome cameras to get some sweet family photos with by then!).
Speaking of our trip: Because Kevin and I did not get pregnant in April, I can now join him on vacation @ Christmas time! We will be spending a week at his parents house, then a week at my parents. Christmas Day will be spent at Kevins moms house this year again (we were going to spend Christmas Day with my mom this year, but we found out Kevin is deploying and will not be home next Christmas, so his mom gets the holiday this year and my mom gets it next year). My mom was totally understanding about it-- Thanks, Mom!!! :)
I will let you guys know the exact dates when we have them! I am going to try and visit everyone I can when we are home :)
Okay, now I'm rambling so I will close this up-- tomorrow, I am doing some baking and cleaning in the morning, then we are having a BBQ with some folks from Kevins work! Long day tomorrow means I should head to bed and get my beauty just enough to function sleep!


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  1. I have the Canon T1i and LOVE it! So i am sure the Canon T3i is even better! I played around with a T3i in a store a couple weeks ago and was in awe, but never seen the pics developed, but sure they were awesome!!!
    Jessica @