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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 12 Post-Op

This morning we were visited by Kevins other main surgeon, who told us that Kevin would be getting his staples out and one of his drain tubes out today (yay!). He also told us that Kevins kidneys werent at 100% full function yet either, partly due to the CT dye they injected him with last week being rough on the kidneys. Because of this, he gave us some pretty crappy news--according to the doctor, Kevin may not be released until sometime NEXT WEEK. Ughh, that would put Kevin in the hospital for about 3 weeks instead of the 1 and a half-2 that we anticipated. One of the setbacks (aka wastes of time) was caused by the doctor, so we are really upset! Plus, Kevins mom and Aunt are coming this Saturday and Kevin wanted to be home when they got here instead of in a hospital bed. If there are no more problems, there is a possibility he could go home Friday if he starts progressing quickly. Im optomistic that he will, he is feeling alot better and his sugars went right back to normal after they switched the nutrition bags out! He is also craving fruits and water, a good sign that his body is ready to accept more now :)
I just cant wait to get home and sleep in the same (new!) bed with Kevin and get a restful nights sleep without waking up every hour on the hour from a machine beeping or a nurse coming in, etc. I will say that I am getting better sleep here than I would at home. At home I would just be worrying all night long.
Tomorrow, S.S.Sebring is getting 2 new back feet! Im tired of driving on that donut lol. Plus, it just looks ghetto. Im going to try and get some shut eye a little early tonight. Hoping tomorrow is way better (and that Kevin can get out of the ICU!).

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