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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 11 Post-Op

Kevin is back in the ICU.

I will say that he is okay, I promise! Heres why he is back-- he wasnt digesting well, so they put him on this nutritional liquid that goes through his I.V. so that he will get nourishment. When they put him on that liquid, they also put him on a saline/glucose drip to keep him hydrated (since he wasnt drinking much).  After a major pancreatic surgery, the blood sugar has to be watched very closely because there is such a large risk of developing diabetes. When the docs put him on this stuff the night before last, they noticed the next morning (yesterday) that his sugars skyrocketed. Instead of pulling him off of the liquid and saline/glucose like they should have, they had him stay on it until the nutritionist came in this morning and told him that she would make a new bag of nutrition liquid with less glucose and a little insulin to regulate the sugars. The doctor still didnt give the order to remove the other bag that was causing the problems, so the nurses couldnt touch it. Well, this afternoon I decided to go to the gym they have here on Tripler to get some step class in. No sooner had I walked over there and was in the door of the gym that I got a text from Kevin saying that they were transferring him to ICU. WHAT?!?!? WHY?!?!? So I skipped step class and ran back over to Kevins room. As I was packing our stuff up to transfer, the resident/intern doctor came in. She admitted to basically dropping the ball by not pulling Kevin off of the nutritional liquid and saline/glucose mix, even though they knew his sugar went crazy high because of it. She apologized and assured me it wouldnt happen again (damn right it better not happen again) but because his sugar had gone over 300 over the course of several hours, he would need to go into ICU for more careful monitoring. She pissed me off royally, and caused yet another setback in Kevins recovery. If Kevin wasnt in the room I would have gone off on her. I only kept it nice because I didnt want to upset him. Now we are going to be in here another 2-3 days at least. I will be speaking to her boss tomorrow. That intern doctor has rubbed me the wrong way from day one and now I know why.
So here we are in ICU. Kevin has the correct nutritional bag, and just saline solution for the hydrating  (with NO glucose added!). His sugar has already started to come down some! Hopefully we will be out of here by tomorrow afternoon.
The folks over here have been so accomodating to Kevin of course, but to me as well. They even made sure I got a chaise lounge chair so I could sleep in here with Kevin :) The nurses all around have bent over backwards to make sure I was comfortable here, because they knew I didnt want to be far away from Kevin in case he needed me :)
Thanks for reading this far, sorry for my rambling lately, I havent been getting very many hours of sleep! I tend to do a little bit of over explaining, but I just want you guys to know the whole story, not just bits and peices :)
Hopefully tomorrow I will have better news! Oh, this may not sound like alot, but Kevin was able to drink 20 ozs of tea today and keep it down! He was also able to hold down 95% of the contrast liquid from last night and water he drank on and off all day today :) This is a really big step in the right direction of his digestion issue, so Im praying his body keeps it up :)

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