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Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm back, baby!!!

Back in the gym, that is. Today I started my day off with step class, then went with Kevin to get him a much needed haircut. We also stopped by his office to chat with his Plt Sgt and some co-workers, who all noticed how much weight poor Kevin lost (22 lbs). I assured them that I would fatten him back up asap :P
When we got home, Kevin was pretty wore out (he is still really weak), so he took a nap while I did some yard work! I just have to say I. HATE. WEEDS. I'm still pretty new at gardening and what not, so does anyone know what kind of weed killer I can use that wont kill my plants out front?? I just dont want to pull those darn things anymore! I also pruned the shrubs (?-I have no idea what they are) that were growing in 15 different directions and taking up some serious space on our front lanai. I will be going to Lowe's tomorrow sometime to get something to put around the plant to prevent it from growing in all of those directions, as well as some mulch for the plant beds. I also want to find out what kind of grass seed is used for our front and back yards, so I can fill the dirt patches with some pretty grass! The yard looks like someone who is going bald but not quite there yet. This evening I went to zumba for the first time in 3 weeks! I am sooooooooooo glad to be back in the gym! Its my way of relieving stress, and I really love that I'm feeling more in shape :)
Tomorrow Im skipping spin class because Kevin has a follow up appointment @ Tripler in the morning. I will be attending Zumba at lunchtime though! I want to work on the yard some more as well once we get back from Lowes. I also want to bake something--anything! I really havent had the chance to use my new mixer yet (other than mashing potatoes lol). I may make some cookies :)
Off to bed with the mister! Good night yall!

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