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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boot Camp and a girl date!

This morning I officially got back into the gym! The Saturday class this week was Boot Camp, and it! My hip was SOOOO sore at the end of class, mostly because there was jogging and jump rope involved :-S I walked the last 2 rotations instead of jogging and that seemed to help. I know I will be feeling it tomorrow though, along with my arms, legs, and core!
After the gym, I went to lunch and a movie with my fabulous friend Annie! We saw "Bridesmaids", and laughed our butts off the entire movie! After the movie we hung out at her house just chatting away all afternoon while playing with Jasper, our friend Sarahs cute little Boston Terrier mix! He is soooo sweet, lovey and such a good dog! I had a great time, and it was nice to have a girls day out and get away from home for a bit! Not that I dont love hanging out with Kevin, but I needed a break after the 3 week hospital stay where all I talked to were doctors most of the time while Kevin slept. Kevin seemed really content relaxing at home reading and watching movies on the couch :) I got in pretty late, but Kevin stayed up playing his video game waiting for me! We are planning on sleeping in tomorrow, since Kevin is still a little weak to stay away from home long. I think tomorrow will be a really chill day, maybe some housecleaning, car cleaning, and alot of laying around! Good night folks!

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