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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 19 Post-Op and Pearl Harbor

First, let me give you guys a Kevin update! I spoke with the surgeon this morning and he was going to try and get Kevin a pass to leave the hospital for a few hours today. Well, long story short that was a no go (by the other surgeon, who is technically Kevins commander while he is in the hospital). Boo.  Anyway, Kevin had to stay in the building today, but has been graduated from liquid foods to full liquid foods. They are now saying that since his pancreas has co-operated, he should be able to go on regular lite foods tomorrow! Now the concensus between the docs is that Kevin will be released tomorrow night or Thursday!! Hopefully he will get to go home tomorrow night, but I'm not holding my breath. They have reduced his I.V. nutrition bag significantly, and he is off of his I.V. pain meds. He is feeling pretty good and he is anxious to get home! They may let him go on pass tomorrow, but we will see!
Today, the ladies and I decided to go to Pearl Harbor. I was excited because the last time Kevin and I went was before they opened the new museums! The ladies had a great time! Aunt's camera battery died before we even made it to the entrance (lol) and MIL's camera died shortly thereafter! No worries though--I took TONS of pictures and they all came out great! Here are a few pictures from our day!

I think its cool that PH survivors get their own parking spaces here :)

The ladies at the main entrance...this was about the time that Aunts camera died lol

This is part of the new section, which I really loved!

It was a pretty nice day out for the most part!

The USS Bowfin, which we toured

View of the USS Missouri and the Arizona Memorial from the Bowfin

The ladies on the Bowfin!

Spotted a plumeria tree on property! This picture came out way better than I thought!

USS Missouri

Aunt hanging out at the Arizona Memorial :)

I didnt realize it until way later, but MIL is giving the "shaka"!!!

A little bit of oil still leaks out of the Arizona on a daily basis, but today there was a ton of it!

We had a fabulous time today, and capped off the night by going out to eat at Dixie Grill and playing a game of Yahtzee with Kevin! I'm really tired, so off to bed I go!


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