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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Banana Bread and a Buddhist Temple

*Warning-- this post is pic heavy!!!*
Yay, I got to sleep in til 9 this morning! When I got up, I decided to make some banana bread.....for the first time ever.....from scratch. It was suprisingly easy to make and turned out delicious!

After the bread was done, we all decided to head out to the North Shore to hang out on the beach for a bit. We also went to an "okay" burger place for a quick bite. Well, we never made it to the beach today. The traffic was so horrible and there was zero parking for miles and miles. We gave up the beach idea and decided to go to the Byodo-In Temple instead. I took a BUNCH of pictures from this neat place!!!

The Temple Bell

Fat Koi fish

Swan :)

Its Buddha!!!

The grounds are really pretty and peaceful

Statue outside of the gift shop

I loved this old bench :)

I thought this vintage chair just sitting in the "backyard" was really neat well as this one

This bird loved to have his photo taken! How handsome :)

Neat bench in the front of the property

Sexy man and me in front of the temple <3

A better view of the front

The whole temple. Dont you just love the architecture??


The entrance bridge

Whats below the Entrance Bridge

The temple is at the very back of the Valley of the Temples. This graveyard is right outside the temple parking lot. I thought these headstones were beautiful
This is definitely a must see if you come to Oahu! I want to go back again :) Its such a mellow place, and you can even see people come in and pray to Buddha!
Once we left there, we came home and I made a delicious dinner of cornish game hens and roasted potatoes! Now its bedtime :)
Step class tomorrow!!!

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  1. Every time I read your blog I get so much more excited to move! 17 days til I'm in Hawaii! ^_^ Haha

    We'll definitely have to check this place out. It looks awesome!