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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday's Post

Well, today we have some good news and some not so good news. The not so good news is that we have decided to postpone our anniversary trip to the Big Island to September-ish. This is because Kevin is having surgery at the end of the month and the recovery time will be 6-8 weeks. Also, he will be doing pre-deployment training in July-August timeframe. Are we bummed? Yeah. However, the good news is that we can spoil ourselves a little with our tax refund, so Kevin is getting a new weight bench and weights for the man room, and I am getting the KitchenAid mixer I've had my eye on for like, ever. We are also going to splurge on a *gasp* new mattress!!! Haha you know youre getting old when you get excited about mattress shopping!! We want a new mattress and the spare room needs the guest bed put up. Why? Because Kevins mom is coming to visit next month!!! We are thrilled to be getting visitors (finally), and she wants to hang out with Kevin a little post surgery. She wanted to come out for his surgery, but the plane tickets are outrageous (go figure). This is better because then Kevin will get to show his mom around the island and enjoy everything with us, instead of being holed up in the house right after his surgery. I've already started planning her itinerary hehe
I wanted to make my sugar cookies tonight, but we got home from the mall a little later than we wanted to, so I will be making them tomorrow night or Tuesday. I want to take it easy after the IUI. By the way, I think I may have figured out why the HSG went well, but the tubal flush didnt. While reading about IUI online, it says that women with a stubborn cervix (me, me!!) can help the process by going into the procedure with a full bladder. Well, the stupid nurse told me to empty my bladder and I did...both times. Tomorrow Im going in with a full bladder and reporting my findings to Dr Foley. That could explain why my HSG went so painless and smooth!
Please lord let that be the problem, because I dont want to be disappointed tomorrow. We are really excited about this procedure and reading all of the successes with the first try really makes me feel better. Ah well, we will see what happens!
Tonight is our weekly "cuddle in bed and watch our shows" night, so I'm getting off of the computer now :)

*Wish us luck tomorrow, we really really need it!*


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  1. Thinking about you - hope tomorrow goes well!