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Friday, April 8, 2011

Crisis averted.....for now.

As pretty much everyone knows, the government didnt shut down. Thank goodness, because our pay was showing less than half of what we normally get and we were preparing to move some stuff around bills wise. That, and Im glad our men and women in uniform wont be working for no pay.
Today was an on-the-seat-of-your-pants day, but it was alright! My friend Samantha and I hit up step class this morning, which was really fun! I felt kinda bad for her though--she hadnt done step in forever, and of course the instructor had a completely new routine for us today (that was very advanced). So poor Sam was so lost, and I got lost as well trying to pick up the new moves! After step, we suprised her husband with a smoothie, and I dropped by to say hello to Kevin :)
Alot of the afternoon was spent keeping an eye on the looming government shutdown, plus we went to the commissary to grab some stuff for homemade tacos tonight! Samantha and Joe got some really great news this evening as well, so it really has been a good day!
Tomorrow I'm debating sleeping in or going to the 9am class at the gym. Its called Body Sculpt, and from what I understand, its alot like Core and More, which focuses on the belly and back. I'm kind of hesitant to go, because I cannot do much back work, especially on a pilates ball. My back doesnt bend because of the hardware, so things like that are difficult. I may check it out and just leave if I'm unable to do it. Then again, I may just sleep in...........
Hoping its nice tomorrow, Sam and I want to hit up the pool! Yeah, we're 5.
Buenos Noches amigos y familia!!

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