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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tropic Thunder Thursday

I wanted to sleep in today. 2 cats didnt let me. Thank you Mia for being a good girl and leaving mommy alone. Wyatt and Stitch- is it really necessary to run around in our room like crazy men at 7am??? You have a WHOLE downstairs to play. Crazy cats.
Anyway, I had zumba class this morning, then came home and was hoping to get the lawn mowed. It was nice for 15 minutes, but then a dark cloud passed by so I decided to wait until after Kevin went back to work to mow it. Well, it was nice just long enough for me to mow, clean the mower, and sweep the grass clippings off of the porch, before it started pouring. Whew! Now I just have to trim the weeds along the fence.
The rest of the day was spent surfing the web....and reading 45856959874 stories on the government shut down. Its a really hot topic among us military families, especially those in which the military member is the only one that works. I'm not going to go all political, but they need to cut the crap and decide on a budget. Its what they get PAID to do. Ugh, I'm still hopeful that the shutdown will not occur.
Tomorrow, I'm going to step class in the morning, and praying the weather stays nice enough for me to trim the fenceline. If not, I feel it will be a Wii kind of afternoon :)

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