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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This morning, Kevin and I were up at 0530 to start the pre-op process at Tripler. It sounds pretty cut and dry: check in, meet with the anesthesiologist, get the run down on tomorrows agenda, and get out of there. Well, it went more like this: Check in, get paper with list of places to visit, go to waiting room, get called back for first thing on list, go back to the waiting room & wait, get called back for the next thing, back to the waiting room & wait, next thing on the list, etc. All in all it took around 3 hours to complete the process. The end result? Kevin has to check in tomorrow morning really early to get prepped, then he goes back for around 2-3 hours, then he goes to the ICU where I will finally get to see him, then begins the next few days of recovery. I will post more tomorrow evening and let you guys know how he did! Kevin and I tshank you guys so much for your thoughts and prayers, its going to be a looooooooonnnnnnng day tomorrow!
After the hospital, we came home, dropped a paper off to Kevins platoon sgt, went to the lab (again--yesterday Kevin got a call saying there was an accident with one of the vials and they had to re-do it), came home, finished deep cleaning the rugs, I mowed the yard, and I went to step class while Kevin made us a lovely steak and baked potato dinner! I'm sad to say I am completely out of gas and will be going upstairs in a matter of minutes. I didnt sleep well last night so I am TIRED. My step routine even suffered a bit tonight. With the combo of no sleep and my legs still screaming at me from kickboxing and spin yesterday, I only ran at about 80% through what was a really easy routine. That being said (or typed?), I'm going to spend some nice quality time with my amazing husband and try to get some sleep. Good night yall!

Positive vibes for tomorrow!!!

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