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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kevin's progress

Today, Kevin and I headed up to Tripler so that he could meet with his endocrinologist. We hadn't seen her in awhile, so she had a ton of info for us. Here is the cliffs notes version : She talked to the General Surgeon and he said that Kevin should have his surgery by the end of this month!! We actually did not know that until she told us. We thought he needed the CT scan and chest x-ray results first, but I guess not. Kevin still has to get those done though!! The endocrinologist was very excited about Kevin getting this surgery done right away. If it turns out that the itty bitty pancreas tumor isnt causing his calcium rise, then we will have to do further testing with whom the endocrinologist calls "The M.E.N.1 Guru", who is conveniently located in Bethesda, Maryland. I really hope this surgery takes care of his calcium rise, because I dont want Kevin to go through all of that travel and stress, especially when he is going to be doing pre-deployment training around it. Blah, I just want Kevin to feel better :( Anyway, so basically after the CT Scan and x-ray, we will call the General Surgery doc, and he will schedule the surgery. Oh, and we got some heartbreaking news at the end of the visit. The endocrinologist is leaving in May!!! We are super upset because she is WONDERFUL and I dont think we will get such a caring, thorough doctor ever again. Especially in the military portion. I know she will do great at her new location and I am super excited for her future patients because I know they are going to get great care!
After the appointment, Kevin had some breakfast and headed back to work while I removed a VIRUS off of my computer. I wanted to mow the grass this afternoon since it was fairly cool and overcast all day, but right as I was returning to Wheeler from the store, it started downpouring. Thanks, you couldnt have waited an hour?? Whatever, I did some online reading and played a 45 minute session of Wii Zumba!!! I wanted to play more, but dinner cant make itself, so I shut the game off and fattened up my hubby a little more ;)
Tomorrow, I will be going to Zumba at the gym, and I cant wait! I feel like I havent gotten a really GREAT workout since last Saturday due to *ahem* "monthly fatigue" if you know what I mean. Hopefully the lawn will stay dry enough for me to cut the darn thing. See you folks tomorrow!

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  1. Wasn't the weather crazy today? I'll see you at Zumba in the am. The sub instructor is going to be there again :s I guess she is the new Monday night instructor too.