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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Stuff

Today was non-stop. I started the day with step class (I was on point the entire time, go me!), came home and cleaned the house a little, then went with Kevin to get an immunization shot to prepare for his upcoming surgery on Thursday. We were in and out of Tripler in like 45 minutes, and most of that time was spent getting in the gate, parking, and getting to the allergy clinic. Once we got back, I cleaned the house some more (never ending job *sigh*) while Kevin napped, then cooked dinner (roasted whole chicken--yummo!).
I really wanted to go to zumba tonight, so I ate really fast and headed down to the gym for the second time today. I felt so much better after dancing :) Have I told y'all how much I really really love zumba??? Well, I do!! I will be going tomorrow as well, since I will not be in the gym for at least the rest of the week after Wednesday. Kevin will be in recovery and I want to give him all of my attention :)
Other than the gym tomorrow, I will be renting a steam cleaner to steam clean the carpets upstairs. We discovered our houseguests' cat marked in the man room in the corner. Yeah, we arent happy. I'm annoyed because we have only been in this house for 6 months, and we have to steam clean the carpet already.
Anyway, Kevin also has an appointment with General Surgery to talk about his surgery. I really hope this makes him feel better! I miss my workout buddy :(
More tomorrow, good night!

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  1. Prayers coming your way!
    Love you guys,
    Kristy, Butch, Lauren and Landon