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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Tuesday

Ahh, spin class. Nothing like biking "up a steep hill" to get your blood flowing and wake you up for the day! I pushed it hard today in class, probably the most challenging spin workout I've had! I love that I'm feeling much stronger than I have in a long time, and I love that all of my hard work is paying off. I'm getting pretty close to a flat belly :D
I wasnt really feeling like cleaning today, so after spin I just focused on the kitchen instead of the upstairs, floors, AND kitchen. The rest of the day was spent reading and surfing the web. What an exciting life I lead :)
I meant to lay out in the backyard and play Wii, but I got lazy lol
Tomorrow is my normal morning off from the gym, but I may go to kickboxing since I will be taking it easy for a few days after the procedure next week. Gotta get my fitness fix in before I virtually sit on the couch for 3 days.... I'm hoping I can go to classes next week, but its up to the doctor. Kevin also has an appointment at Tripler tomorrow afternoon. Translation: I get him for the last half of the workday...kinda. When he isnt in getting his CT scan, that is :)

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