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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Surgery Day

Kevin and I arrived at the hospital at 0630 this morning. After finding out Kevin was #2 on the list, not #1 as we thought, he was finally called back to change and get ready to go to the O.R. At around 0930, they started his I.V. and took him away to the surgery area. I had to go back home because I left my sprint wireless internet card at home this morning (ugh not that it was much help, I havent been able to get on the internet all day). Anyway, I went right back to the hopital and proceeded to wait...........and wait.........and wait..........and wait. Around 330pm, the doctor came out and got me and told me that the surgery went well, but they needed to take about 5%  more of his pancreas than they originally thought. This wasnt incredibly good news because once they take more than 80%, the risk of getting diabetes skyrockets. They removed his spleen as well, which is standard when they take the tail of the pancreas. After a bit, I was finally able to go back and see him. He is in the ICU for tonight and possibly tomorrow because the doctors want to monitor his blood sugars very carefully to see what his pancreas can and cannot do. Hopefully it can function and keep his sugars at a normal level, otherwise he may need regular insulin injections. I am currently at the ICU waiting room, where I actually had to pay for some internet because A) my stupid cell phone wont turn back on, and B) the internet on my computer will not work (frustrating). I will continue to keep you guys updated and just wanted to let you know the surgery was a success!!!
Now I'm going back to watching the coverage of the Royal Wedding...I'm so excited, I cant wait to see what Kate is going to wear!!!!
Goodnight everyone!!!

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