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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rescheduled procedure

Yesterday, I talked about Kevin having a procedure today that would sedate him so that the doctor could look at his pancreas with a camera and ultrasound inserted down his throat. Well, the doctor apparently just wanted to talk to us today. He was very thorough and gave us detailed info on the procedure. He rescheduled it for tomorrow afternoon, so tomorrows post will have more detail.
This morning I shammed out of spin (WTH is wrong with me??), but still did Zumba! Towards the end of class I got a bit nauseous (Its not what you guys are thinking.), so that slowed me a bit. Thank goodness it was almost cool down time and we didnt do "Footloose" like we usually do. That song is my favorite because its so high energy and just fun to dance to!
After the appointment, Kevin and I hit up Target where I got some new workout gear! We had dinner at Chili's, celebrating the ETS of one of Kevins co-workers. We couldnt miss that, as this guy made night shift bearable. He's a really nice, funny person, and he will be missed greatly!
Tomorrow, other than Kevins procedure, I plan on going to step class, and hope I get home in time tomorrow afternoon to go to zumba. If not, I will do zumba for wii. Good night folks!


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