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Friday, April 22, 2011

What a day!

*First, I apologize if I ramble too much or this entry doesnt make sense. I'm running off of 2 hours of sleep and we spent a good chunk of the day @ Tripler*

This morning, I was able to get up and go to step class! My brain wasnt functioning at 100% in there though, because I got 2--yes,2 hours of sleep last night. My insomnia kicked in like crazy, and I was wide awake at 1:30am. I finally dozed off around 2:30, but was awakened by Kevins phone going off at 3AM. Dozed back off around 3:30-4ish. Was again awakened by psycho cats at 5am. Couldnt fall completely back asleep until 6:15. Kevins phone went off AGAIN. Same number as the 3am caller too! I pick up the phone and who was it? VERIZON. I tried to tell the lady (as calmly as I could) that we live in Hawaii, and calling at 3am doesnt fly here. She caught attitude and told me they go by the area code on the number. I asked her if they bothered checking the address on file because then they would see that, again, we live in Hawaii. She was like, "Oh, well can you have Kevin call us please?" Ugh, what a bee-otch. No apology, nothing. Blah, so that was the start to my day.
After step class, I headed over to the PX to get a couple of shirts. When I got home, I had just enough time to shower and head down to Tripler.
Kevin had to be there at 12:15 to get officially admitted for his procedure (the procedure was slated to start at one). Once we were upstairs, they had him change into a hospital gown, and they did the I.V. thing. We waited a bit, then he went back to a room and the doc got started. The procedure didnt take very long, but Kevin was in the recovery room for like an hour and a half. Long story short, we were all done and left the hospital around 5. The docs findings: Tiny lesions on the tail of his pancreas, a lesion on the head of the pancreas, and a tiny little mass on his gallbladder. The doc will report his findings to Dr. Lim, and on Tuesday of next week, we start talking about the specifics of the upcoming surgery. Kevin was really loopy and sleepy when he came out, poor guy. We were waiting on the doc to show us the final report, and Kevin fell asleep in the chair and started snoring really loud haha. Once we left the hospital, Kevin wanted a smoothie and Chinese Food (he had to fast, so my poor guy hadnt eaten since 6pm last night!). So thats what we had for dinner! As soon as we got home, he promptly went upstairs and fell asleep!
Tomorrow, I'm going to sneak off to step class, and I really dont know what we are doing in the afternoon hours. The doc put Kevin on 48 hour quarters, so he is unable to work tomorrow night as he was scheduled. He felt bad telling his boss that, but it involves him driving a gov't vehicle around, so we want to make sure ALL of the medications have worn off by the time he does anything like that! I'm off to sleep now, finally.


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