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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Busy day!

My day started with step class, of course! Afterwards, I stopped by the ITR Travel Fest thing they were doing and scored some info on a bunch of places! Alot of places had really great specials for the month of May, and this is perfect because Kevins mom and aunt are coming out here to visit in May! Now I have a whole list of things to do while theyre here!
At the travel fest, I got a text from Kevin saying he wanted to go back to Sears to get a new mattress. Sears had the best deal, and we got a $1200 mattress for around $530. Yay for 60% off!! Kevin also picked up one of his tax presents to himself, a 300lb total weight set he wanted for his man room. He was going to get the weight bench he wanted as well, but it was out of stock. The nice guy at Sears gave us a raincheck though, and we will be picking it up when they give us a call letting us know its in.
For lunch we decided to try out California Pizza Kitchen, and it was delicious! Plus our waiter had really great customer service skills, so we will be going back soon! I was able to talk to the General Manager and let him know what a great employee he has. Ahhhh good customer service always puts me in a better mood! In fact, the lady at Sears that sold us the mattress (she remembered us from coming in the other day too!), the guy at Sears who sold us the weight set, and California Pizza Kitchen waiter, all had great customer service skills. I was impressed!
Once we got home, we offloaded and put the weight bar and weights upstairs in the man room, and have been lazily hanging out ever since. We had a great day, even though Kevin is still not 100% from his procedure yesterday. He has been complaining of dull pains in his upper belly/chest area, so if it hasnt gone away by tomorrow morning, we are headed to the doc. He said its not sharp, knife-in-belly pains, but its more annoying than anything. They did poke around in there alot yesterday! I will keep you posted though!
Tomorrow is going to be a low-key day. I've got to catch up on housework I've been procrastinating on too busy to do this past week, and I have got to mow the yard. We have an excessive amount of weeds growing amongst the grass, and if I yank all of them, I will have big dirt patches over like half of the yard. I'm thinking of calling maintenance to see if they know what kind of grass is out there, and I will plant it myself. I just want a nice yard, is that too much to ask?
Ah well, good night yall!

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