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Monday, April 11, 2011

Gym Class-aholic

The gym classes I take are really addicting! This morning I did step class, and I was a half an hour early to zumba so I did the last 15 minutes of the 5pm step class, plus I did zumba! Don't worry mom, I'm not overdoing it, but I do feel much stronger and way more in shape than I have in years! These group classes are just what I needed :) Plus they're so fun, and I look forward to *gasp* getting up early and making my way to the gym every morning. Another great perk to going is that I have awesome amounts of energy afterwards, so I can easily get my housework and errands done :)
Anyway, between classes, I did my bi-weekly bathroom scrubdown as well as other I also spent some time catching up on news and reading blogs! After zumba, I chatted it up with Annie and Jessica until it got cold (yeah it gets chilly here at night!), then headed home to cuddle with Kevin (my favorite part of the day:) )
Tomorrow I'm going to spin cycling class in the morning, and I'm so excited because we bought a soft gel-y seat cover for my mountain bike yesterday and I'm going to try it out at spin! All of my housework is almost done, so I will be going to the education center to talk to a college representative about starting classes soon! I may play a little Wii as well :P Goodnight yall!
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  1. I had a fabulous time chatting!! I had to turn the heater on in my car I was so cold...haha :) And if the gym had even more Zumba classes, I would go to those too. It's great considering they're free too!!