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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Evening Post

Guess what has two thumbs and didn't get to sleep in today? This gal. In fact, I woke up 45 minutes earlier than I usually do during the week? Why? Crazy cats driving me insane! So yeah, I was up at 6:20 am....on a Saturday. Grrrr....
Whatever, I just stayed up and decided to go to the gym with Samantha. We did the 1015am spin class, and I must say I shammed the first half, but kicked it into high gear the last half :)
Since it was nice (enough) today, we all decided to go to the pool when Kevin got out of class. I was the only one to go down the slide, whats up with that? If the wind wasnt blowing so much and the water wasnt as cold, I probably would have done a couple of dives as well. Everyone else was a wussy pants.
We then proceeded to spend way too much money at the commissary, but we have sweet dinners coming up for the next 2 days! Tomorrow, I AM sleeping in!!!!!!!!! I am even taking some sleeping pills to help out with that. Any cat who disturbs me gets a bath. So Mia is pretty much the only one who is going bath free tomorrow LOL
We are actually planning on doing nothing but spending time together and relaxing tomorrow, so tomorrow nights post will probably be boring haha. Maybe I will bust the camera out and share a few pictures :) Goodnight!!


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