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Saturday, April 16, 2011

This doesn't look good....

Our day started at 0430. We got up, helped our houseguests load everything they owned (including the cat) into the car, and took them to the airport. Everything went smoothly on the Hawaii end for them, and soon Kevin and I were on our way back home for a few minutes to eat something before my appointment.
Yeah, I really dont have much to say about todays appointment. It ended the same way yesterdays appointment ended. My damn cervix isnt cooperating, and now I'm scared we wont be able to go through with the IUI. We are still going to try though. The doc gave me more medicine to relax my cervix, but theres a chance the lining will shed and the egg wont burrow. We decided to go for it anyway. I mean, what do we have to lose? This is the last month we can try, so we are going all out. I left the doctors office pretty heartbroken.
Anyway, Kevin and I took a nap this afternoon, and I decided I wanted to make chocolate chip cookie cupcakes and vanilla almond sugar cookies from scratch this weekend, so I went to the commissary. I ended up doing some regular grocery shopping too :)
This evening Kevin made his delicious chili, and we cuddled up on the couch to watch Swamp People, which we DVR'd the other night. Its one of our TV obsessions! Kevin wants to stay up late tonight, but I may hit the hay soon. My day has been really upsetting, with the doc appointment and the fact that we may have to give up our much anticipated vacation because Kevin doesnt know how long the recovery time is for his surgery. Plus he is worried that his commander wont approve his 7 days of leave after he takes convalescent. I may just go and talk to the commander myself and explain that this leave was planned long before the surgery was and that we are unable to get our money back for things like the flight. The commander is pretty approachable (its another "member of management" thats questionable.). So we really dont know whats going to happen in the next few weeks. All I know is that I'm praying extra hard that we are able to have some success on Monday.


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