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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Stuffs

I slept in today. Kinda. I wasnt able to fall asleep until 2:30am, was woken up at 4:30, 5:30, 7, and finally got up at 8:30. So my morning was really low key (due to lack of energy). I did muster up enough energy to head to the gym at 11:45 and shake it at zumba though!!! After class, I chatted with Annie for a bit, then headed to the store for some loose powder makeup, among other things. I didnt stay long, because mama needed a shower lol. I did grab a smoothie on my way out :D
I spent the afternoon reading blogs, and facebooking (is that even a word?), while relaxing on the couch with my Mia. I heart my little cuddle bugs!!
I'm feeling pretty good today, better than I thought I would after the IUI. I am taking it a little easier at the gym, just until we find out whether or not we have a little one in the oven :) I am going to keep my routine though! Tomorrow, I am going to go to kickboxing (for once!), then heading over to Christinas for Chantals Pampered Chef party! I have put Kevin on "lunchtime delivery person lookout" while I'm gone, because tomorrow........THIS COMES!!!!!

This thing is freakin' sweet! Its the KitchenAid Artisan 5 quart mixer in Onyx Black (to match our Black/Stainless steel theme).I love to bake, and this is the best mixer on the market right now! Well, other than the professional series one, but I liked this design better! Bonus- I spent about $150 less (including shipping) than I would have buying it from a store here on island (NEX/PX included). It was at a substantial discount, score!!! I'm excited to start using it for cupcakes, ,cookies, homemade bread, muffins, biscuits, and even mashed potatoes :D It was my "tax splurge" and I cant wait for it to be delivered! Looks like Im going to have to kickbox and speed out of there instead of doing arms like I want to.....
Other than the mixer coming and the Pampered Chef party, my day is pretty free! Wii Zumba, anyone??

Goodnight yall!!

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  1. I hate that you're going to kickboxing the one day I can't! Haha