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Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning....

Yeah, I think I officially started that today. After step class (which I became super tired during btw. WTHeck??), I came home and started on the kitchen. Well, at some point this afternoon I found myself windex-ing windows too. Let me just say that the straight line full of kitty nose prints all the way across the windows were cute :) I usually do window cleaning when I do a super deep clean or when I start spring cleaning. Anyway, they look nice and my door is red mud free......for now. I finally got all of the junk off of the tech table in our dining room yay! Embarrassingly enough, that stuff had been there since we moved in.
Kevin had a half day today because he had to work a full day last Friday, where as everyone else was out by 1 for "Payday Activities". I love extra time with my honey :) We hung out, I finished laundry, and then we headed out to grab a coffee (for him) and a smoothie (for moi). During our outing, we remembered that the NCAA National Championship was on, so we dropped by the grocery store real quick and hurried home to watch the last little bit of it. Tonight is going to be an early night for us. I havent been sleeping well at ALL for the past couple of weeks, so I'm beat. Maybe thats why I was so sleepy during step class this morning. I had all of this energy when I got there, but 20 minutes in I felt like I got hit by a Mack Truck! It could be that AF is hovering around and should be making her monthly appearance tomorrow or Wednesday. Blah, I'm going to bed early tonight :)
Tomorrow, after spin, I have a doctor appointment with Dr Foley. He is going to give me the results of my bloodwork I got done Thursday. I will let you guys know what happens!!!!!!!!

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